Men’s Breathable Mesh Casual Light Outdoor Hiking Shoes


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Made of GORE-TEX fabric, GORE-TEX fabric is a high-tech fabric invented and produced in the United States. It is waterproof, breathable, and windproof.

They’re so light that when you slip them on, you’ll forget you were even wearing them. That is until you start looking for Rain, Snow, Mud, and Sand to stomp through – showing your friends how much better your Outdoor Shoes are than their pre-evolved shoes. They’re built for every season. Take them traveling around the world or just kick back and have a coffee – cause that’s cool too.

WIDE USE – You can wear these shoes for hiking, hunting, fishing, mountaineering, trekking, camping, touring, or daily shoes.

Breathable – Unlike rubber boots, our shoes breathe. Our waterproofing membrane is made up of nano-sized pores that are too small for water drops but large enough for sweat and heat to pass through.

100% Waterproof – You won’t find another shoe like this in the world. Our technology is permanently integrated within the knitting of your Shoes – keeping the water out but allowing your feet to breathe.

Lightweight – The lightest 100% waterproof shoes in the world. The perfect pair to wear just about anywhere. Pack your Shoes get ready to take on the world.

GORE-TEX – Our Dual Climate Gore-tex Layer is designed to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Gore-tex has micro-air pockets that regulate your foot’s temperature to the outside climate. The insulating air pockets drastically increase the sweat and heat transfer away from your feet leaving you feeling dry all day.


  • Fast dry fabric
  • Built for every season
  • Weighing in at just 1.1 lb
  • Anti-collision toe box for maximum protection
  • Anti Slip SOLE for maximum range of motion in any position.
  • Breathable Insole Breathable all-weather technology