Camping Inflatable Sleeping Mattress


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Thanks to this mattress, you will feel comfortable sleeping anywhere. Bring it on your next camping trip or pull it out whenever you need an extra bed. You will wake up fully rested and ready for the day!

The mattress is made of durable TPU film that is resistant to ripping and amazing waterproof PU coating. Even if you are sleeping on the wet ground, your bed will stay good as new. Also, you can get it with or without the pillow.

Thanks to the hundreds of air cells, this is one of the most comfortable air mattresses. It follows the contours of your body, giving it the needed support. With just a few breaths, you can easily inflate the bed and get some rest!


  • Material: TPU and PU
  • Colors: Blue, orange and green
  • Dimensions: 190×59 centimeters

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Blue, Orange, Green